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Harvey Phillips talks about Norlan Bewley

New: Selections from Harvey Phillips famed OctubaFest performances are now available in arrangements by Norlan Bewley for Tuba/Euphonium Quartets or Ensembles.

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  • Ever notice that your low brass never get any better playing only band music?
  • Wish you could start low brass from the beginning instead of switching them over later?
  • Tired of losing the low brass you have because they're not challenged enough?

Try Norlan Bewley's Performance Through Participation approach!

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Slide Position Charts for Treble Clef Trombones

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Fingering Chart for Standard BBb 5 valve tuba


Our new Play-Along Practice Music Sets. Pick your part and instrument and play along with Norlan's Low Brass Ensemble


Students are loving this new feature.
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Music Changes Lives: A History Lesson

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I'm Norlan Bewley, Low Brass Artist (trombone, euphonium, and tuba family of instruments), part of a new breed of brass players specializing in performance on all of the low brass instruments. For the past twenty years I have had extensive experience teaching, performing on, and composing for low brass, developing an unparalled perspective, insight, and approach toward these instruments.Through years of private teaching and performance, I have developed direct and effective methods of instruction that address the most basic and difficult areas of low brass playing in a manner clear to all, from beginners to professionals. In my private teaching alone, for the past 10 years I've has given more than 700 individual low brass students over 23,000 private lessons. I am a champion of the instruments, dedicated to the improvement, advancement, and increase of opportunities for every aspect of low brass education and performance.

online music storeThe online music store is a recent addition to the website, offering Mp3s, sheet music and compositions for the trombone, tuba, and euphonium in the low brass ensemble format. While designed for the Low Brass Ensemble (trombone 1 and 2, euphonium, and tuba), the pieces are also fun as a play-along for the trombone, euphonium, or tuba or to start your own Low Brass Ensemble.

The music also works great as a feature for your Marching Band low brass section!video music lessons

We have developed a new series of Video Lessons for euphonium, baritone, tuba and trombone players. We'd like to hear from you on what you think so we are offering these lessons for your evaluation and comments. I'd appreciate your feedback.

Digital Downloads of OctubaFest Sheet Music. Also new: Santa Wants a Tuba for Christmas, from Harvey Phillips and Norlan Bewley's popular Christmas classic.

slide position charts, tips, warm-ups, scales, sheet music
fingering charts, tips, warm-ups, scales, sheet music
fingering charts, tips, warm-ups, scales, sheet music
bass clef



Reviews - Bach Stradivarius Trombones

Reviews of Monette Low Brass Mouthpieces

Learn more about Norlan at the Norlan Bewley Biography

Dissatisfied with typical "sit and listen" style clinics, Norlan has developed the Performance Through Participation approach for clinics and residencies. Participants bring their instruments, becoming a Low Brass Ensemble for the clinic. Norlan rehearses the ensemble on 4-part music he has written for these clinics, demonstrating technique and fundamentals in a manner that allows participants to apply them immediately. Everyone learns everything first hand while in a playing situation, increasing understanding and retention; plus they play great music that they get to keep!

See Norlan's latest Music Videos on YouTube

- La Bamba - performed by Norlan on all four parts of the Low Brass Ensemble.

- When the Saints Go Marching In - Low Brass Ensemble


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