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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between a clinic and a residency?
Clinics with Norlan Bewley are single events, such as the Performance Through Participation clinic, which are typically 3 hours in length. Click here for types of clinics. Residencies with Norlan Bewley are a series of events and activities scheduled on a daily basis (7 hours), from one day up to five days in length. Compared to clinics, residencies allow a more in-depth teaching approach and retention as there is more time for everyone involved. Advancement through education is the goal, so longer residencies are discounted in price compared to shorter ones. Click here for types of residencies.

2. How do I schedule Norlan Bewley for a clinic or residency?
Drop me a line telling me about your interests and we'll go from there.

3. What is a Low Brass Ensemble?
The Low Brass Ensemble (LBE) is a new type of musical performance opportunity for the trombone, tuba and euphonium (the three instruments in the low brass family). It is a cross between the Trombone Choir and the Tuba/Euphonium Ensemble, which are both popular groups. They each exclude the other half of the low brass section however, so the goal of the Low Brass Ensemble is to allow all of the low brass instruments to participate in one group. The instrumentation for the LBE is trombone 1, trombone 2, euphonium, and tuba. The music is all 4-part writing, so the LBE can be used for chamber music as a quartet, or with multiple players on each part as a large ensemble, even using the entire low brass section if desired. Click here for more about this music and the Low Brass Ensemble.

4. Why bring in help for the Low Brass?
There are many reasons, some more obvious than others. In music, everything is built from the bottom up. A weak or mediocre low brass section can cause more problems than just playing their music poorly. Those trumpets who keep getting tired too soon and missing notes will last longer and improve accuracy with a solid, powerful low brass section supporting them. Overall ensemble pitch, tone, and rhythm improves dramatically with a great low brass section. Remember, everything is built from the bottom up, so the lows can make the highs sound even better!

Perhaps your low brass are already outstanding and simply need new challenges to keep them motivated and enthusiastic. Whatever your situation, investing in the development of a superb low brass section advances any ensemble or music program.

5. How much do clinics and residencies cost?
This can vary depending on the needs and your situation. Once I know more I can give you a better estimate. See my Contact page to get started.

6. What are the advantages of booking a low brass clinician like
Norlan Bewley rather than a separate clinician for each individual low brass instrument? There are many fine clinicians who specialize on their individual instrument. However, if you bring in a trombone clinician, what will that person do to help your tubas and euphoniums? What will a tuba clinician offer your trombones? Norlan Bewley plays all of the low brass, so he can specifically work with your trombones, euphoniums, and tubas on the particular needs and issues related to each instrument, in addition to the low brass section as a whole. Quite simply, with Norlan Bewley, you get three clinicians for the price of one.

7. What are good mouthpieces, slide and valve lubricants, etc. for low brass?
Click here for information on recommended low brass mouthpieces & accessories.

8. What are some good warm-ups, etc. for me to use?
Go this Warm Up Exercise page for downloading some warm-ups and scales sheet music.

9. What about private lesson availability?
Norlan Bewley has limited availability for private lessons in the Dayton/Cincinnati area. If you are interested in private instruction, drop me an email and tell me a little about you and your interests. Please include your instrument, length of time you've played, age, etc.

10. What is your email address?

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