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Urbie Green Model Martin TR4501 Trombone

"The Urbie Green model Martin TR4501 trombone is one of the most well thought out instruments I've ever played. Know primarily as a jazz horn, it is also very versatile. This should be no surprise, for Urbie Green had to play anything and everything as the top studio trombonist in New York during the 50's, 60's, and 70's. From the poppin' pedal tones to the singing stratosphere it is free blowing and focused, with great projection and pitch. It is very lightweight, yet has a big, full tone throughout the range that maintains flexibility and control. The slide is amazingly smooth and fast, with a smaller handbar that adds to the ease of its speed and reach. The curved left hand grip is another comfortable feature, as is the chromed gooseneck and larger water key. Versatile though it may be, this trombone just exudes jazz. The Martin sounds great in a microphone or in the room, and easily shifts from as smooth to as gutsy as you want to go. It is one of my favorite small bore horns because it does exactly what you tell it to do. What an absolute joy the Urbie Green trombone is to play!"

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This instrument review was with a Monette TS 6 Slap mouthpiece.


Key: Bb
Bore: 12.70 mm (.500")
Bell: 8.0" diameter hand-hammered yellow brass with wire-reinforced rim
Tuning slide: Nickel silver inside slide with brass bow
Braces: Tubular nickel silver
Hand slide: Chrome-plated nickel silver with seamless inner slide and integral chamfered stocking. Nickel silver outside slide
Hand grip: Nickel silver
Waterkey: Nickel silver
Finish: Clear baked epoxy lacquer
Mouthpiece: 7C
Case: Deluxe wood shell

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