Welcome to our Video Lesson series for low brass ensemble instruments (trombone, euphonium, or tuba). The videos I’ve produced are the first of what I intend to be a more comprehensive portfolio of videos to compliment the playing and performance tips I have in my regular website (see trombone tips, euphonium tips, and tuba tips).

Videos: Getting Started Playing the Trombone and Advancing Your Skills

Videos: Getting Started Playing the Tuba and Euphonium and Advancing Your Skills

Our first set of instructional videos are for the beginning student, focusing on getting started on the right track with your instrument. The next set are  advancing your skills on your instrument, suitable for beginning players and a good review of some fundamentals for more experienced players.

Other Music Videos: Timeless Classics for Low Brass Ensembles

Some fun video I’ve made (see them here) of a few of my favorite arrangements of popular melodies. Scores and Sheet music available for all of them and many more.


See my instructional videos on my Norlan Bewley YouTube Channel