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New Sheet Music Collections

--Santa Wants a Tuba for Christmas,
--Tuba-Euphonium Quartet Sheet Music,
--Low Brass Ensemble Sheet Music

Harvey PhillipsOctubaFest Collection ®

The official Octubafest music is now available by digital download at Sheet Music Plus. You can review samples and listen to Mp3 tracks of each composition.

    • Arranged by Norlan Bewley for Tuba/Euphonium Quartets or Ensembles, this collection of sheet music represents the traditional Octoberfest favorites performed by Harvey Phillips for his official Octubafest performances.

OctubaFest Books

These books are compilations of the scores and parts of all of the above melodies. They are arranged by parts: Euph 1, Euph 2, Tuba 1, Tuba 2, Bar 1 TC, Bar 2 TC, Scores

Also See Popular Melodies: Low Brass Ensemble Score, Sheet Music & Mp3 Tracks

Norlan Bewley arrangements of five popular melodies for low brass ensembles (Trombone, Tuba, & Euphonium), complete with scores and sheet music. Listen to an Mp3 track of each melody.

Coming Soon. More Digital downloads of sheet music and scores from Bewley Music

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